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Fort St. Clinic, Victoria 
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Victoria, BC
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DrSkinLaser on Fort is a recently refurbished, state of the art facility. First Class facilities are essential to good skin care. Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic/Laser Dermatology on Vancouver Island since 2001, with a Clinic in Victoria since 2009. DrHancock has now consolidated his Island Clinics into one new premise at 1512 Fort St Victoria….where Oak Bay Ave. and Fort St. merge…the Stadacona Centre. The Clinic has state of the art medical lasers and devices, is spacious with good ventilation and parking, Clinic access direct from street.  

Walk in Dermatologist Service

DrSkinLaser is pleased to offer a walk in MSP Dermatology service. Appointments are available with and without a referral for Medical and Surgical problems. The current shortage of GPs and Dermatology appointments is leading to Dermatologist access issue.  

To make an appointment please phone 778-432-3330 for details or
email dermatologyonfort@gmail.com

Dr Julian Hancock

Dr. Julian Hancock dermatologist

An accredited dermatologist for over 20 years, Dr Julian Hancock graduated in medicine at Guy's Hospital, London, UK, and subsequently gained UK Royal College post grad diplomas in obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics and anesthesiology. He completed his Dermatology residency at UBC Vancouver in 1996, gaining FRCPC Dermatology.

Dr Hancock is a medical and cosmetic Dermatologist, when examining your skin he is checking not just for sun damage, but also any early signs of skin cancer.

Dr Hancock has a particular interest in Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology, a rapidly developing field, as well as the prevention of skin cancer through photodynamic therapy

Cosmetic Dermatology was just emerging as a speciality in 1996 when DrHancock gained his Dermatology Fellowship at UBC. This field is now highly developed with many “Magic Bullets” that pretty much guarantee results after a careful consultation, assessment and discussion. 

Many are offering skin care services, only a few are accredited Physician Dermatologists.  

Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology Overview

Botox will relax frown line crow's feet. Performed skilfully it can look natural.

Fillers, such as Juvederm, will reduce lines and wrinkles…and look natural if performed skilfully. It can also enhance lips, and lift depressed scars.

Body Contouring …many have gained weight in unwanted places the last year or two…the Covid bulge!

Coolsculpting is non invasive, and is largely replacing liposuction. If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it! Ideal for love handles, bra bulge, excess thighs, wobbly chins. Experience and a careful consultation is essential.


A thorough cosmetic consultation is the key to good cosmetic skin care.We will listen to what concerns you about your skin, make a careful examination, then discuss your options with you.

Most popular procedures with excellent predictable results include Botox, Juvederm (fillers), thread leg vein sclerotherapy, mole and skin tag removal, laser hair removal, photorejuvenation, Coolsculpting non invasive fat reduction, C02 laser skin resurfacing.

Botox Cometic


Dr Hancock has 20 plus years experience with Botox , in fact his Clinic is also known as Botox-on-Fort.He learnt Botox from the UBC Dermatology professor that pioneered cosmetic Botox.

Botox is a natural compound injected with very fine needles to reduce frown lines between the eyes, crows feet, and forehead….as well as elsewhere.It works by weakening the muscles that cause frown lines etc.

The effect is seen within a few days, and lasts from 3 to 6 months.

Botox is also offered for migraines, and excess sweating (Hyperhidrosis).


Results are seen immediately, fillers are injected under wrinkles and lines to lift them, can also be used to augment/restore lips, and for acne scars.

Often used in combination with Botox….Botox relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, if any permanent line persists, filler can be used to lift that line.Fillers work for 6-12 months.

Part of the Cosmetic Consultation skill set is determining which products will work best for an individual.


Still more effective than laser, good technique and experience yields great results, though several treatment visits may be needed.

A non allergic solution of Dextrose and Saline is injected into the tiny leg veins using a specialist polarized head lamp.


These unsightly, nuisance lesions can occur anywhere on the skin surface, though more common under arms and on eyelids.

Different techniques are offered and explained after a thorough examination.


Most of these work by targeting an unwanted skin lesion with light of a particular wavelength and energy enough to reduce or eliminate the lesion.

Very effective for laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation, reduction of discoloured sun damaged skin, reduction of pre cancerous sun damage using Photodynamic therapy.

At DrSkinlaser we have lasers and light to treat over 30 skin conditions - just make an appointment for a consultation.

Laser peels and laser resurfacing with our fractional CO2 laser (see dottherapy.com) is effective, though several treatments may be needed.

BODY CONTOURING (Coolsculpting)

Many have trouble with unwanted fat (love handles etc.) and the pandemic has not helped!

Coolsculpting is a device that chills unwanted rolls of fat just enough to trigger spontaneous collapse of the fat cells, the fat is absorbed and metabolized within the body.

It works like a non invasive, no needle liposuction.

More than one treatment may be needed.

Coolsculpting is ideal for saggy arms, love handles, stubborn fat rolls after childbirth, inner or outer thighs…bra bulge, and under the chin.

A detailed consultation is necessary.



We have excellent German Microneedling equipment that stimulates smoothing of your skin.


Rather like a power washing of your skin, excellent for cleaning pores. Different additives to the power washing solution are used depending on whether the goal is acne or rejuvenation therapy.


This device uses heat through small pins to tighten superficial skin, multiple treatments.


Despite the name, this too uses heat, but tightens deeper skinlayers than the VIVA.

METVIX PDT( Photodynamic Therapy)

Mainly used to prevent and treat non melanoma skin cancer - such as actinic keratoses, and even superficial basal cell skin cancer.

A prescription cream is applied to the skin, then skin is exposed to a special light a few hours later. The main advantage is larger skin areas can be treated, e.g. the whole face or scalp.

Dr. Hancock was one of the first Island doctors to use PDT.

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Medical Dermatology

DrSkinLaser is pleased to offer a walk in MSP Dermatology service. Appointments are available with and without a referral for Medical and Surgical problems. The current shortage of GPs and Dermatology appointments is leading to Dermatologist access issue.  

To make an appointment please Phone 778-432-3330 for details or email dermatologyonfort@gmail.com

Fort St. Clinic, Victoria 
1512 Fort St.
Stadacona Centre
Victoria, BC
P: 778-432-3330
E: dermatologyonfort@gmail.com